Recently I was driving alone in a car to my friends place and started suddenly wondering, “if there was any person around me”. This idea was pretty much strange and bizarre, after sometime I thought it was bullshit, but that idea was pretty much haunting me. But later I came to the conclusion that probably being in a bunch of people or bound to certain relationships makes a person psychologically habitual to certain social constructs, and he/she tends to live or make moments with their near and dear, most of the times.

Still I had problems with the conclusion that I had made; I think it was just a raw conclusion from an amateur thought process on people and their milieu. But I discovered that the genesis of this idea came out when I was in a closed atmosphere (car), or the idea originated because I switched on “me” and switched off the “world” and created a new horizon within me.

Such is what I attribute to one more place – “washroom”. I think its beautiful place to “think”, the ideas and perspectives arise subtly in the brain that paves the path to creativity. I think this entire process happens if we can use the articulating world as the catalyst to step into new horizons of living.

About the Author:

Priyadarshi Pulikonda is an actor known for playing the role of "Kaushik" in the movie "Pellichoopulu". He also directed the shortfilms Ponnu - Vaadu (2012), The Delivery (2013) and Machan enaku iniki Kalyanam (2013). He is also a really good writer, prose poet who has strong opinions and speaks his mind freely.

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  • AJAY BATTI - VIGNAN, MADINAGUDA 10th CLASSMATEDecember 18, 2016 at 10:30 am

    Rey Darshi, am astonished ra nd I stand in awe. Wait I wanna call you personally and share my feelings with you on the phone. People say “Beauty never admired is a great sin” but I say “The talent never appreciated or praised is a great sin”. Your called to be an actor/performer, be greatly blessed dear.


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