You’re a beautiful. It’s such a lovely accident on God’s part that there’s one person who matches inside and out. Now what do I do? Left with too many symptoms that say ‘I have “Fallen” for you’. Barely breathing through the numbness and writing with a lump in the throat. It’s been long; I have abandoned my poems like your eyes have abandoned my presence. I crave for your smile and when granted, solace rushes into the tubes around the heart. Not to forget those insolent nights which creep allover me, darker and deeper, engulfing all the peace inside. Its so weird speaking to the self but that’s the only possible resort in solitude which I taught myself. Melancholically wandering allover and burning hours together thinking not to fall in love with you and eventually end up loving you more. It’s good that you pushed me away; I shall find ways to love you less every moment. I don’t know if I will stop loving you as its gets harder and harder, daily fighting my heart against you. I am a simple boy, want to stand up on your shoulders and call myself a happy soul…

About the Author:

Priyadarshi Pulikonda is an actor known for playing the role of "Kaushik" in the movie "Pellichoopulu". He also directed the shortfilms Ponnu - Vaadu (2012), The Delivery (2013) and Machan enaku iniki Kalyanam (2013). He is also a really good writer, prose poet who has strong opinions and speaks his mind freely.

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