Walked from one Jungle to another, This time, it was like going back to the primitive age, Where, vegetation riots allover, Peace reins everywhere, green spread all the way, The passing clouds take a nap now and then, Rain creeps slowly when sun glows mildly Oxygen has only nitrogen, nothing else. Well, That’s the greener side…. It’s no longer a virgin forest, man set his feet They dig her womb sitting in the lap They fleece her beauty and make us guilty Now, it’s hard to believe that I come from a material world

About the Author:

Priyadarshi Pulikonda is an actor known for playing the role of "Kaushik" in the movie "Pellichoopulu". He also directed the shortfilms Ponnu - Vaadu (2012), The Delivery (2013) and Machan enaku iniki Kalyanam (2013). He is also a really good writer, prose poet who has strong opinions and speaks his mind freely.

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