Let me warn you all – this is a LONG post but I couldn’t find any other way to share the experiences I had while making the quickest movies of my life! i can confidently say that this film was hell of an experience!!

Some say accidents happen for a reason but I say our recent movie “The Delivery” was such accident, which gave us all a reason. It all started because of Santosh, a dear friend from college, he was very interested in participating in the 48HFP, which was being held in Chennai. I was never intrested for such competitions where I have to make film according to some “rules and regulations”. But somehow he made up my mind to participate in the competition along my friends/team. So with hopes in our hearts we registered our names for the competition and started getting ready for the D – day. Initially we thought of moving to Chennai and participating from there with some of our Chennai friends who are true professionals. Unfortunately our economics didn’t work properly, so we decided to stay back in Hyderabad and participate from here.

The day was nearing and we were watching some of the previous works. Some of them were brilliant in the way they have been made and some were atrocious. Over rounds of coffee we we used to have our endless discussions and we were aiming of winning at least two rewards for our work but as we were closing to the competition we thought making a film in 48 hours would be the greatest accomplishment ever.As according to the rule each participant gets one genre out of 14 on which they are required to make a movie, so tried to write some 14 stories according to the respective genres but soon we realized that it doesn’t work this way!

Our next and the immediate job was to collect resources like camera, sound recorder, lights etc. The first two people who have came to board were Sanjay Das and Vivek Sagar (tapeloop productions); apart from being great musicians they are good human beings and my friends. WhenI briefed them about the project and they immediately agreed to help me out boosted my confidence a lot. While leaving their studio I shared my concern regarding sound because working on both dubbing and sound working on both dubbing and sound in just in 48 hrs would be a major task, so I thought of going for sync/live sound as it could save us a lot of time. For this Sanjay referred me to Varun, a sound designer who has distinguished experience of working with Hollywood technicians.

Sanjay spoke about Varun’s work and credits he has achieved so far, which made my expectations of having him on board go pale but all my anticipations were proved wrong after my first meeting with him. He literally filled confidence in me and assured that we can do a proper sync sound for the film. Another three important persons on board handled camera and Edit department. John, again a dear friend from college, the advantage of having him on board is that he quickly envisions the script before we can. Vishnu Oi, a handsome photographer and a friend of mine, joined us as a cameraman for this film. We wanted to do a multi – cam setup, as we had finish our work in less time. Harikanth, the fastest editor I have ever seen so far, we roped him also for this project. I was totally geared with the technical team. Now the major part was to get the Actors. Friends again!!! Abhinav and Kiran Funny lines, Cant help it!! He can do better always 🙂 Ahh!!! too many lines…. were in my mind by default as they are the BEST; now came another problem – finding actresses was a little problem.

But help came lately I found another talent, Pratyusha and she agreed to work on our movie. My friends Suemdha and Archana came very lately on board as a part of the production team and also ended up acting in two different characters.And let me tell you they amazingly performed. The best part of the entire cast is that they agreed to work for the project even though they didn’t know anything about the story or script. Finally the day came it was on Friday 6pm when the competition opened in Chennai. Senthil, a common friend in Chennai made it to the event and gave us the respective details to us. Our conditions were these

Character Name: Malik or Muthhu Profession: Florist Prop: Pan (after meal digestive) Dialogue/Line: “You can do better than that!” Genre: Comedy

So these were the conditions that our story had to fit in and I brainstormed like never before. It was same as writing some board exam after many years that to with out any preparation. After many years we once again became students! I was very clear that we had to make this story in only 2-3 locations otherwise we would have fall short of time. So I choose the story according to the locations and time I had.

Long back I had this idea of a Call boy, which came on to the fore again that day and I started working on it. I scrapped many ideas just because they were not comical, consuming much of my time etc. I ended up thinking a new version and I shared it with Santosh, he was not initially happy and asked me to make some changes. After a few changes I narrated the story to Pranith, a friend/script guru. He said that the comedy was being forced and not genuine and also suggested me to let the situations be comical rather than the characters. After a sleepless night, I at last came up with a script and mailed it to everyone.

The D-day started and the fist shot of the day almost took my entire afternoon.Major part of the time was spent in finding locations along with getting permissions. The lapel mikes had come in very late. So somehow we started at 2pm and the shoot went on till 1AM next day But this wasn’t the end! we still had one scene to finish. The next day we finished it in super fast way and Harikanth edited the video in just one hour. I mailed to the sound and music department and they started working on it. Vivek did thoe brilliant composition in just an hour. But sadly we couldn’t pull it off at the right time.

Designing Sound “Dedicated” Production Team It was solely my mistake that I couldn’t give the sound department as much time they needed provided working for a sync sound was refreshingly new experience and I suggest the fellow makers to go for it. Apart from the film making there was too much of paper work, which Santosh was working on it. We were late by an hour and somehow sent the video to Chennai. The Internet connections there was slow unlike Hyderabad and by the time Ranjith, a friend of Darshan made it to the drop off point. But by the time he made it to there they wrapped up the event two hours earlier than they mentioned. So we couldn’t even made it as a late entry too. The evening was very depressing to me knowing that the two days of hard work by many people went vain.

But what made me happy was a message from my teacher and guru Vasuki sir who after watching it texted me saying… “Proud of u darshi! Great job man!! Lovely short film! Ven’s the party!!!!!”

Those lines just filled me with immense joy and I was unconditionally happy. I stopped regretting for a moment and recalled that I made a film in 50hrs and that too with the best actors and technicians. I decided to release the film on YouTube independently and here it is!! “The Delivery”

What made it actually happen is the confidence in me and the same reflected from my friends. The timely help of many people and especially my mother Jayamma and sister Nagaja, they actually turned into production team.

About the Author:

Priyadarshi Pulikonda is an actor known for playing the role of "Kaushik" in the movie "Pellichoopulu". He also directed the shortfilms Ponnu - Vaadu (2012), The Delivery (2013) and Machan enaku iniki Kalyanam (2013). He is also a really good writer, prose poet who has strong opinions and speaks his mind freely.

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