I should have listened to my Father, or teachers. When they said, son, take up a job and life will be fine. I didn’t. I was naïve with a soul full of dreams. I listened to me and called myself an Artist. Fancy right? Yes, the grass is greener on the other side. what I can do now? I will just be true to my dream. Oh fuck! I forgot, I am a freelance artist. Ya, that’s sounds apt because no studios sign me and my father is not a super star.

Also I gain a day-to-day rejection in a year While others face that in their lifetime. Oh now don’t be in a hurry to judge me. No. Am not a courageous person on this planet, I am just talking about the life of an Artist. So, I will face it and be it. And my dear Society, pardon me I cant live a life like others, Buy a car, home or achieve some basic necessities of a “Normal Life”. I am just another narcissist showing off On the social platforms and trying to sell myself, Telling that life is beautiful and stop calling me a loser. May be I just live for a moment! Claps, admiration, appreciation. They feed my hunger. And remember, That moment when I made a gesture or rendered a line and your soul is stirred, that’s the only moment I am close to Enchantment. Because that small moment, which makes me live a million Lifetimes.

About the Author:

Priyadarshi Pulikonda is an actor known for playing the role of "Kaushik" in the movie "Pellichoopulu". He also directed the shortfilms Ponnu - Vaadu (2012), The Delivery (2013) and Machan enaku iniki Kalyanam (2013). He is also a really good writer, prose poet who has strong opinions and speaks his mind freely.

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