Audition or a Date? Which one would you choose? Ask an Actor, one would take a lot of time to make a choice. It’s true how casting calls or auditions play a very important role in an Actor’s life even though many hate to attend it. After knowing, how to become an actor it’s very important to make a remarkable impression not just to achieve the part but also because that’s the only time an actor is interacting with a new script or an idea and performing before some audience.

As an actor working in the film industry for the past four years and having attended about 100+ auditions, I could gather some experience and I hope it may help you perform well in any audition Understand the Scene or Script. After you have been handed over the script and told about the character, don’t just read the respective dialogues of the given character but have a thorough reading of the scene. If you fail to understand, don’t hesitate to clear your doubts regarding it even if you think they are silliest questions one can ask. Have a clear picture about the scene in your head before you advance.

Question yourself.

It’s the most important process I follow at the auditions – Transforming into the Character. Showing off your chiseled body or curves doesn’t grab any major attention but by surprising them with your performance will surely create a long-lasting impression or recall value for yourself. For any given character, ask yourself few essential questions,

  • Why (is the character speaking or behaving in such a way)
  • What ( is the character expecting/seeking by doing so)
  • When (time and space)
  • Where (place/locality/situation)
  • Which (motivating factors that causing an action)
  • How (relevant/relative)

There can be many other questions that one ask themselves to have a better understanding about the character. Remember that, right character building sets you apart. When you choose a Monologue.

Quite a number of times the people look out for any random act or performance from the actor rather than handing the actors a scene from the respective movie. Many actors perform their favorite scenes or render some popular dialogues but, will they stand out in such situations and ruthless competition ? That’s when you should try to improvise those scenes or dialogues with respect to the situation or with a different perspective (which I often do like this), don’t forget to practice and practice and practice before you hit the bed. Remember, your goal is to create a recall value or remarkable impression.

Confidence From walking into the audition room till leaving it, don’t let down yourself by being under confident. Believing and motivating the ‘Self’ is as crucial as breathing because if not you, who else will? Remember to smile at the auditors (or anyone for that matter) and make them understand that you are confident enough with whatever you are doing . Performing before the camera is quite a task, most of the times one is clouded with nervousness, so keep your self steady and doing the act with utter conviction and enough passion before the camera is the only way you grab the attention of the auditors.

No Hard Feelings bro Did you congratulate yourself after giving an audition? If no then do it right way because Auditions are indeed one of the toughest part for any actor to go through. The result or outcome may or may not be favorable but don’t stop yourself from attending the auditions and don’t let the fear of loosing cloud your journey. It’s in fact very simple – the more you audition, the more likely you are landing on the set!

Work the Room You might not worry if your father or mother hail from the film industry but if they don’t then having a conversation with the fellow actors and technicians wouldn’t cost you anything because attending the auditions will not just get you a part in the movie but also it helps in networking with the industry professionals. Socializing and connecting to people through various communication methods is a prerequisite for aspiring actors. Now getting back to the question I had asked at first, many might choose a date over an audition but what makes even an audition a cake walk is winning over the unwanted nervousness. Of course it is an added bonus if it helps paying your ‘date bills’!

About the Author:

Priyadarshi Pulikonda is an actor known for playing the role of "Kaushik" in the movie "Pellichoopulu". He also directed the shortfilms Ponnu - Vaadu (2012), The Delivery (2013) and Machan enaku iniki Kalyanam (2013). He is also a really good writer, prose poet who has strong opinions and speaks his mind freely.

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    Anna keep rocking

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    Anna keep rocking. Your acting is now trend setting bro!

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    good words, anna you are the inspiration of all coming artists


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