Author: Priyadarshi Pulikonda

‘Ghazi operators’ had some hard homework to do || Times of India

Acting Auditions and Cracking them like a Pro

Audition or a Date? Which one would you choose? Ask an Actor, one would take a lot of time to make a choice. It’s true how casting calls or auditions play a very important role in an Actor’s life even though many hate to attend it. After knowing, how to become an actor it’s very important to make a remarkable impression not just to achieve the part but also because that’s the only time an actor is interacting with a new script or an idea and performing before some audience.

As an actor working in the film industry for the past four years and having attended about 100+ auditions, I could gather some experience and I hope it may help you perform well in any audition Understand the Scene or Script. After you have been handed over the script and told about the character, don’t just read the respective dialogues of the given character but have a thorough reading of the scene. If you fail to understand, don’t hesitate to clear your doubts regarding it even if you think they are silliest questions one can ask. Have a clear picture about the scene in your head before you advance.

Question yourself.

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“Are you serious? What’s in the name?” That’s how many people reacted so far when I expressed my problem with the word Tollywood, Bollywood and the other “woods” in the country. But will you guys ask for a Vada Pav at the McDonalds? I am sure you will end up eating a McAlooTikki – an American interpretation of Vadapav! Well, It’s arguably a democracy and everything has a space in the free market! After 66 years of Independent India, I still wonder if we suffer from colonial hangover? Is it some kind of self-imposed Cultural Imperialism foddered by the western media? Should Amit Khanna be blamed for coining the word Bollywood that in turn created insecurity for other film industries to have a name with the “wood”?

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5 Myths Surrounding The Film Industry

Every industry is surrounded by certain myths which get passed to the contemporary generations. Here are the 5 evergreen myths which are being contested every-time yet find a small space in the Film Industry.

1. It’s a family business. Not for Outsiders. It’s a very popular notion that most of us believe. We have heard and came to even believe that film industry paves a red carpet for star kids and take care of them till they get a perfect launch. It is partly true. Although their way to enter cinemas is easier when compared to a common actor/actress, do remember that possessing talent, dedication and hard work are the perquisites for everyone to survive in the film industry. No matter what, there is always a place for the right talent provided you utilize the given opportunity.

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How to become an actor?

“Who the heck are you to tell me this?” I know, this question might pop up after you have read that title above. And I say it is a valid thought and that is why I will have a disclaimer notice. And here it goes!

“I call myself an artiste/performer who couldn’t make a “great” career even though after acting in 4 feature films [only one released and nobody cared. God knows about the rest of the three (pun intended)] and a dozen short films, not to forget few ads in the last three years. I am now strictly voicing here my experiences and not any rules or laws, which you find in “how-to-do-___” books. I am merely discussing a few principles, which I learnt from the stalwarts and the legends of this industry, which might/shall help you to put yourself in a better situation. And most importantly, I also need to motivate myself when things are low, and I struggle like they all do; when I too struggle to carve a niche for myself like they all have done. After all, this is my blog and I can come back and read, motivate myself when the chips are down. Here on this blog, I can again guide no one but myself on how to become an actor.” Now, make your “informed” choice..

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I am an Artist

I should have listened to my Father, or teachers.

When they said, son, take up a job and life will be fine. I didn’t.

I was naïve with a soul full of dreams.

I listened to me and called myself an Artist.

Fancy right?

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ఆసుపత్రి మెట్లు ఎక్కేదాక తెలియదు ఆరోగ్యం విలువెంతో

హోటల్లోని బిర్యానీ రుచించని సమయం వరకు అర్ధం కాదు అమ్మ చేతి వంటఏంటో

ఆడది ఉద్యమాలు చేస్తే కానీ తెలియదు ఈ సమాజంలో తన విలువఏంటో

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One day few men in tuxedos decided to play the Game of Dice.

They bought the best tokens from across the world to play in their land.

It was a land of countries and also was a democracy; the men got a chance to roll the dice easily.

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I couldn’t give “The Delivery”. So What??

Let me warn you all – this is a LONG post but I couldn’t find any other way to share the experiences I had while making the quickest movies of my life! i can confidently say that this film was hell of an experience!!

Some say accidents happen for a reason but I say our recent movie “The Delivery” was such accident, which gave us all a reason. It all started because of Santosh, a dear friend from college, he was very interested in participating in the 48HFP, which was being held in Chennai. I was never intrested for such competitions where I have to make film according to some “rules and regulations”. But somehow he made up my mind to participate in the competition along my friends/team. So with hopes in our hearts we registered our names for the competition and started getting ready for the D – day. Initially we thought of moving to Chennai and participating from there with some of our Chennai friends who are true professionals. Unfortunately our economics didn’t work properly, so we decided to stay back in Hyderabad and participate from here.

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MEIK, Junun and Blah…

After I moved O(ut)N from Pixelloid Studios, I wasn’t sure what would be next, as it was a unexpected development. Family presented distinct opinions and emotions on loosing my job. Nanna, in his very special tone ranted about the inabilities of small organization’s which employ people for larger needs and for smaller time, Amma was very happy for me saying that “now you can stay home for a longer time and eat stealthily; which is an utopian situation anyways and finally It was my sister who questions, whether I had done something wrong at the office (that’s a strange perspective emerged from a brain aiming to make a life in defense services). Well, that’s what makes my family – Perceptions.

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