Priyadarshi Pulikonda || Audition || Spyder

This was the audition tape performed for the movie Spyder.

Priyadarshi || Actor Showreel ft. "Aam Admi"

My favorite and one of the most spontaneous performances I have ever done for an audition was this “aam aadmi”. This was an audition for the film Ghazi. Of course this fetched me a place in the film too!

Priyadarshi ||Actor's Showreel ft. Ayyo || Four is a Mob

Playing a god-man was a quite a challenge but I could pull it off for a 48hr Film competition for a short film named Ayyo. A dear friend and brother Pranith made Four is a Mob and I had a chance to play a police constable, it was great fun though.

Priyadarshi - Actor's Show-reel || Ham Radio || Sales Man

My freinds Pratik and Arun Gosh have made Ads and gave me a part of their journey. This was a gret experience.

Priyadarshi || Actor's Showreel - Terrorist

This Audition tape is very close to my heart. This small piece of performance has got me a character in a feature film called Terror.